Discover Stylish Chikankari Outfits at Dhaaga's Web Spot - A Brief Guide


If you love beautiful Indian embroidery, Dhaaga is the perfect place! Dhaaga's website has a wonderful collection of Chikankari outfits, including Chikankari suit sets, Chikankari shirts for women, and lovely Chikankari potli bags. Let's simply journey through Dhaaga's website to discover these pretty Chikankari clothes and learn how to wear them.

Chikankari Suit Sets - Timeless Beauty:

Dhaaga has lots of Chikankari suit sets that are like a mix of classic and modern styles. Chikankari is a kind of special hand embroidery from Lucknow that looks graceful on clothes. The suits at Dhaaga come in different fabrics like Tissue, Georgette, and Mul Chanderi. You can wear them for parties or a casual day out – they make you look special!

chikankari shirt for women

Chikankari Shirts for Women - Simple Elegance:

Dhaaga also has Chikankari shirts for women that look elegant and simple. These shirts mix the old charm of Chikankari with new and trendy styles. Wear them with jeans or a skirt for a cool and comfy look. These shirts are perfect for times when you want to look a bit traditional and a bit modern.

Chikankari Potli Bags - Cute Accessories:

Now, every outfit needs a cute accessory, right? Dhaaga has these adorable Chikankari potli bags like the cherry on top of your outfit. These little bags are not just attractive; they also have the same pretty embroidery as Chikankari clothes. They match so well with Chikankari suit sets and shirts, making your whole look even more charming.

Famous Chikankari Shops in Lucknow:

To make sure you get the real Chikankari feel, Dhaaga is from the most famous Chikankari shops in Lucknow. This means you're getting the authentic stuff – the real deal! Lucknow is like the home of Chikankari, so you know you're getting something special.

Styling Tips:

Let's discuss wearing these cute potli bags with your Chikankari outfits. It's easy!

Mix it Up: If your Chikankari outfit is one colour, try a potli bag in a different colour. It makes your whole look more interesting!

Keep it Simple: If your Chikankari clothes have lots of designs, go for a potli bag in a simple colour. This way, your outfit and bag both look great without being too much.

Match a Little: If you're feeling bold, try a potli bag with a colour already in your Chikankari outfit. It makes everything look like it belongs together.

chikankari potli bags


In a nutshell, Dhaaga's online store,, is like a treasure chest for people who love pretty Chikankari. The Chikankari suit sets, Chikankari shirts, and Chikankari potli bags are all about keeping the tradition alive while staying stylish. Peek at Dhaaga's website and let your wardrobe tell a story of beauty and simplicity!