A vision, a wonder, a tale told through its miraculous monuments, delectable food, and mesmerising crafts; Lucknow is a city royal enough to marvel at! Birthed in the Mughal era, Chikankari has been at the core of Lucknow’s rich, regal heritage.

Translating to the word embroidery, Chikankari is a unique, beautiful craft involving delicate artistic embroidery work on an array of textured cloths. Creating countless ensembles with intricate work encompassed within 36 magical stitches, the craft is truly one of a kind.

A lover of the art form, Dhaaga & Co. came into its being with its founder, Savnit Gurnani’s passion to give Chikankari; the unsung hero its own place in the fashion community, whilst celebrating the artisans bringing the craft to life.

A timeless romance between art and tradition, Dhaaga & Co. is for the woman musing multi- folds of art, for the girl collecting ensembles telling a story in each stitch, or simply for the lover of this heritage masterpiece called Chikankari.



With an edge over other labels, spearheading Dhaaga is the very accomplished Savnit Gurnani. Savnit is an award winning  Fashion Styling and Image Designing post graduate from Pearl Academy, New Delhi and also holds a diploma in Fashion Design from JD institute. She is the former Fashion assistant at Femina India and a creative contributor across apparel brands in Delhi, Mumbai and Lucknow, having experience in all aspects of fashion styling, design, and marketing.Savnit also served her Alma Mater, Pearl academy as a visiting faculty for design elements, styling and marketing.  

In 2020, Savnit laid the foundation of Dhaaga & Co, the first multi-artisan chikankari exclusive platform. It gave a digital sales platform to over 28 artisans and 17 women designers from across the city during covid years. 

Note from Savnit

My label Dhaaga & Co. By Savnit has been my dream project from my days in college and is a true reflection of my learnings through my years of work experience. The desire to go back to your roots and work towards the sustenance of a local handicraft is what makes Dhaaga special. The Indian Culture and Crafts are so rich and fascinating. To put it on a Global Platform through fashion to suit the needs of the contemporary consumer is a lucrative form of marketing and business. The Indian handicraft Industry has great potential and deserves to be showcased to the world. 


Dhaaga & Co. aspires to form the world’s first Chikankari community, with a goal to bring recognition for the craft and its workers on a large scale. With a deeply engraved passion for the art, our purpose lies in giving the rightful artists- the Chikankari artisans their dues. Dhaaga as it’s core brand value would seek to share profits with it’s artisans, creating for them an enriching and fulfilling life with Dhaaga’s Artisan Fund.