Wrap Yourself in a Dream Cocoon with Chikankari Suits from Dhaaga & Co.


Dhaaga's Tissue Chikankari Suits are here to make you feel like a dream! These outfits mix soft fabric with lovely embroidery, creating a cozy cocoon for modern women who like a bit of tradition in their style.

Exploring the Collection:

Dhaaga's Tissue Chikankari Suits are like a combination of light fabric and fancy embroidery. They're not just comfy but also super pretty! The special Chikankari Chanderi Suits from Dhaaga are another treat for those who love a touch of tradition. They're made from nice Chanderi fabric and have the same lovely embroidery.

white Chikankari lehenga

Designs that Steal Hearts:

The suits come in lots of designs, each one telling a different story. From flowers to cool patterns, each piece is like a work of art. The white Chikankari lehenga is especially nice, simple, and timeless. It's perfect for when you want to feel elegant without doing too much.

Styling Tips:

You can wear these suits for all sorts of things. For a fancy event, wear the Chikankari Chanderi Suit with big jewelry and nice hair. If it's a chill get-together, grab a pastel Tissue Chikankari Suit, put on some jhumkas and comfy sandals – and you're good to go! These suits are like a blank canvas – you can add your style to them!

Caring for Your Suit:

To keep your pretty Tissue Chikankari Suit looking good:

  1. Just wash it by hand.
  2. Use a gentle soap, and don't twist it too much.
  3. When you're not wearing it, please keep it away from sunlight to keep it looking fresh.

These suits are delicate, so a little extra care goes a long way in keeping them lovely for a long time.

Chikankari Stores in Lucknow:

If you want to see these suits up close, head to Lucknow, where the Chikankari action is. Dhaaga's Tissue Chikankari Suits are waiting for you in-store at 4a Rana Pratap Marg, Opp. National P.G. College, Hazratganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Take a trip, see the pretty clothes, and pick out your special piece. Lucknow is like a treasure chest of Chikankari goodness!

Chikankari Chanderi Suit


Dhaaga's Tissue Chikankari Suits are all about feeling pretty with a touch of tradition. Whether it's a Chikankari Chanderi Suit or a classic white Chikankari lehenga, these outfits let you feel cozy and cute. With designs that steal hearts and tips for every occasion, Dhaaga's suits are a perfect match for women who love pretty things. Check out the Chikankari stores in Lucknow, and get ready to fall in love with Dhaaga's special clothes! Your wardrobe will thank you.